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3 Holiday Tips to Avoid Calling an Emergency Plumber

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Plumbers Need a Holiday Too 🙂

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The holidays are upon us and it is a very busy time for emergency plumbing calls. You likely have more guests than usual which increases kitchen, bathroom, and water use throughout your home. Here are 3 tips that have worked well for our customers during the holidays.

3 Holiday Tips from your Nashville Plumbing Team

1) Clear your guests’ plates, rather than letting the clean up crew toss it all in the garbage disposal. Disposal clogs are our number one call during the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday. If you and your family throw away the “unconsumed” food, it greatly reduces the chances of disposal misuse. Some of our environmentally conscious Nashville & Hermitage customers use compost piles instead.

What should never go down the garbage disposal

2) You see this one at restaurants all the time…warnings about what not to flush. You will likely have family and friends over and encounter significant more toilet usage. This often results in clogged and overflowing toilets. It is perfectly acceptable to ask your guests not to flush tissues, feminine products, or paper towels. Also you may wish to ask them to alert you to any concerns you may see, as in a slow flushing toilet or faucet drip. Prevention works!

3) If you are cold climate and expect a freeze, remind your overnight guests to drip. I cannot even count the times that one family member drips and a guest or other family member turns it off after use and the pipes freeze. It is hard to remember to drip when we are conditioned to turn off running water. A “post-it” note may be the best solution to avoid frozen pipes during the holidays.

Happy Holidays!  If you do need help with your plumbing, call us at Fix It All Plumbing 615-568-5051

Kevin Sipes,
Master Plumber
Nashville, TN