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Low Water Pressure

Is your water pressure low? Do you turn on the shower and get just a trickle?
Does your water pressure decrease when the dishwasher is running?

Repairing High & Low Water Pressure Problems

Low Pressure or Low Volume Water

Low water pressure faucet before repairLow water pressure can ruin your shower and increase time to hand wash your dishes among other things. Sometimes water flow reduces to a trickle. Our plumbers have handled low and high water pressure issues for over ten years and are often the team other plumbers consult when they get stuck. If you have low pressure or no water coming out of your faucet it could mean you have a few different plumbing problems. The top three low water pressure issues are listed below.

1. Having low water pressure most of the time:

If you don’t have much water at any faucet in your house most of the time it means you have a galvanized water pipe underground (water service) feeding your house or in your crawl space. A galvanized pipe that is only three inches long can cut your water flow just about off.

2. One faucet has low pressure:

A different problem would be not having water coming to one faucet. This could go back to just having a small nipple of galvanized pipe feeding that faucet or it could be a very simple repair. Alternately, the aerator could be clogged. Our plumbers generally repair this by flushing the line with it off and installing a new aerator on for good measure.

3. No water flows through the cold setting:

No water coming out of the cold setting of your faucet is a common issue. The problem could relate to a number of things including the following: a bad stop, a kink in a line, a broken washer, or a faulty stem.

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