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How Fix It All Plumbing Started (Old Hickory TN)

Fix It All Plumbing was founded by current owner Kevin Sipes over a decade ago. Kevin moved to Nashville from Humboldt TN to work in his family business. The business was installing breathalizers on the cars of DUI offenders. He loved his career path and working with his family, but soon, the laws changed and the demand for installation of these devices declined rapidly. Luckily, a friend told Kevin that a local plumbing company was looking for help with no experience required. He started working with the company and could just not get enough of it. He wanted to learn all that he could as fast as he could.

Accredited Complaint-Free Plumbing Company Better Business Bureau

Fix It All Plumbing, LLC is a licensed, insured, and bonded company and seven year Member of the Nashville chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Our company has earned an A+ rating, with no complaints. Fix It All has also achieved a top rating with Angie’s List who has recorded 13 confirmed customer local reviews.

In 2016 Fix It All Plumbing was recognized as one of the Three Best Plumbers in Nashville.

In 2016 Fix It All received the Expertise Award for being recognized as one of the top 20 plumbers in the city.

Finding a Local Plumber

Fix It All understands you have a choice when finding a plumber in the local area. We hope our reputation with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau along with our service guarantee provide prospective customers with peace of mind.

Could you imagine your life without plumbing?

It’s something that most of us just take for granted, but protecting the health of the nation” is one of our top priorities.

-Kevin Sipes, Owner Fix It All Plumbing Old Hickory, TN

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Kevin Sipes, owner of Fix It All Plumbing, has performed plumbing work for about twenty years and truly enjoys what he does. Kevin considers plumbing to be a great service that is not only a luxury, but also a necessity for the health of everyone.

He takes great pride in knowing that he has provided you with safe drinking water and a good convenient way of getting rid of waste.

Our Guarantee: “We would love to say we have never had any problems in eight years of business, but I can with confidence say we have never let any problem go unattended. Our plumbers will always make it right and do Whatever It Takes.” 

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