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Proper cleaning and clearing of your drains and sewer system is vital to the longevity of your most valuable asset, your home. Oftentimes when a drain is slow or clogged, you may pick up one of those do-it-yourself drain kits from the store. Unfortunately, the chemicals in most of those products can be damaging to your pipes and may cause them to deteriorate over time. A weak pipe can easily develop leaks that are not immediately noticeable. Water damage has resulted in significant losses to many Nashville homeowners.

When your drain is slow or clogged, call a professional. Our plumbers have been servicing drains and sewers in the Old Hickory, Mt. Juliet, and Nashville Area for nearly 2 decades. These local customers wouldn’t ever consider calling another plumbing provider. Your home is precious and the right care can ensure that you enjoy it for a lifetime.

Clogged Drains Lead to Backups

Backups of waste systems are often toxic, dangerous and unappealing. Don’t put the health and safety of you and your family at risk by trying to deal with a backup yourself. Your drains, sewer or septic tank contain elements that can endanger the well being of the residents of your home and the structure.

Cleaning and Unclogging Drains & Pipes

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If plumbers are not knowledgeable about the right method to use on your pipes, that too can cause damage. Wear on your plumbing system is also something that is not immediately apparent. A cut rate plumbing job can end up costing you thousands more in the long run.

Fix It All Plumbing offers affordable plumbing rates and charges actual time rather than book time.

Slow Drains – More than a Nuisance

A slow drain can often be an indicator of a much bigger problem. When the water takes its time to disappear down the drain, be sure to call Fix It All – Plumbing right away. Many different substances or issues can cause a drain to clog or run slowly.

Sitting Water Leads To Mold & Mildew

When homeowners see a small leak or a clog they often choose to put off the repair. After all, what harm can it cause? They say to themselves, I will watch it. If the problem worsens, I will go to Home Depot or call a plumber. The risk here is that the issue may seem minor yet could cause significant harm depending on the diagnosis. Another factor is the mold and mildew that results from standing water. According to Mold Remediation Baltimore Pros, removing mold is a multi-step process that requires testing and retesting. Mold develops and grows with moisture. Address standing water by removing it and fixing the root cause.

Clog & Leak Tips for the Homeowner

  • Never pour grease down the drain, even if you are running the hot water. When the grease reaches the point in the plumbing system where the water has cooled, a serious clog can occur.
  • When small toys or other items “disappear” in your bathroom, call us right away before the item causes irreparable damage to your drain or pipes.
  • Be very cautious about any product you purchase to clear or clean your pipes. It’s best to avoid such products and call a professional.

Our competitive pricing will save you many thousands of dollars over the life of your home.

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