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Plumbers Offer Fair Service Prices: Nashville TN

plumber service rates NashvilleFix It All Plumbing cares about your plumbing experience and offers transparency in pricing. We are one of the few companies in Nashville that charges by time plus cost. Most times plumbers charge the amount that the book estimates the job will require. If the job takes less time, you still pay for the book rate. This is similar to how car repair shops charge.

Fix It All-Plumbing believes you should only pay for the time you receive services. We break our time down into 15 minute increments. Fix It All Plumbing  does not charge a one hour minimum if your job is done in 15 minutes. In this case, you will only be charged for 15 minutes of our time.

We are straightforward with our pricing structure. It is our goal to earn your business for life.

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Compare Our Rates with Other Nashville Plumbers

Our pricing structure definitely saves you money on typical plumbing repairs that require one and half hours of service. We do not round up our service time and charge for two hours, as our Nashville competitors do.

Book Rates vs. Actual Time For Repairs

Many car repair shops and plumbing companies often charge by a “book rate.” A book rate is generally the maximum time required to complete a specific repair. Our plumbers work quickly and efficiently. It almost always takes us less time to complete a repair than what the “book rate” reflects. We believe in equitable pricing for our customers. We feel that the 15 minute increment is the best and most fair for us and our clients. With this approach, we have gained loyal customers over the past eight years. We would love to earn your business.

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