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The most frequent call we receive from our customers includes these words: “We don’t have any hot water.” Water heaters are most often out of sight, out of mind. The builder of you home may have located the water heater in an electrical room attached to your bonus room or in the garage.

Monitoring Leaking Heaters

Most of the time, homeowners are not monitoring their water heaters and only inspect them when there is a problem. When hot water heaters leak or stop working all together, or simply are not working properly, suddenly they attract attention from the entire family. Your whole day can be ruined by having to start it with zero hot water resulting in a freezing cold shower. Having water hot when it needs to be is so very important. Such a vital element should be trusted only to reputable plumbers company with a long history in the local community. Fix It All Plumbing has been in business in the Nashville area for over two decades with a multitude of customers who can attest to their skills and expertise.

Annual Water Heater Service and Inspection

A good practice is having your water heaters checked and serviced by a plumber at least once a year. One of our plumbers can come out and help your unit last longer and be more reliable. Also, an annual service and inspection could foresee problems and prevent you from enduring that frigid wake-up call that tells you something has gone wrong.

water heater leak hermitage

Repair, Service, or Replacement

Water heaters are major contributors to a family’s comfort and well-being. Repairs are often more cost efficient than replacement. If  possible, our plumbers will repair your hot water heater. Our company will do a thorough evaluation and let you know what your best option would be. In most cases, if there is no corrosion then repairs can be made. If necessary, we can replace the unit and help you find a quality unit in your price range that will be steadfast and reliable.
Lowes water heater model

We are experienced in all makes and models including the major manufacturers such as Bradford White, GE, Rheem, Kenmore, and Whirlpool, as well as the lesser known brands. We repair all types including gas, electric and tankless water heaters, direct vent, and power vents. We recommend putting a leak detector on your water heater to force it to shut off when the drain pan fills or water is located below the heater itself (flooring).

Gas Heaters

According to recent government statistics from Energy Star, over 50% of American households have gas heaters compared to closer to 40% who own electric. Gas heaters offer many pluses including the ability for some types to warm water in a power outage. Look for the heaters with continuous gas pilot lights for this purpose. While gas heaters may cost more upfront, they may be less expensive to operate, depending on natural gas prices in your locality. Our plumbers can help. This guide provides details on the latest and most efficient gas water heaters.

Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Water heaters powered by the sun are becoming more common in Tennessee. They work similarly to the way solar power generates electricity using solar panels. These panels are usually installed within the roof area of the home where the sun’s rays are direct. Solar water heaters are popular in places like Australia, which receives a good number of sunny days in a year. It is important to note: The solar units will work in any climate.

Nashville Hot Water Service

We know that life doesn’t just happen during business hours. That’s why Fix It All- Plumbing, LLC offers round the clock service in the Nashville area. Anytime you have a hot water heater that simply won’t do its job, we are the ones to call.
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