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Faucet Repair Nashville

Fix It All Plumbing has repaired or replaced hundreds of faucets for Nashville homeowners and businesses.

Faucet Repair & Installation: Nashville TN

Plumbers repairing faucet Nashville TN

Fix It All Plumbing, LLC will repair your faucet or install any new faucet you provide. We certainly have worked with our fair share of faucets over the years. Each faucet can have its own challenges whether it is an older fixture or a low cost one installed by a builder to save money, or one you bought from Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Amazon, we have you covered. You may want to get have the faucet repaired when you get tired of it leaking or dripping. You also will likely see the water bill rise as a result of leaks. Water is a precious resource and we want your plumbing to be leak-free to preserve Nashville’s water supply and be good stewards of our resources.

We repair or install the following types of faucets:

  • Kitchen
  • Lavatory
  • Tub
  • Shower

Common Faucet Problems

    1. Clanking Noises: Clanking noises are not “normal” and can be coming from the faucet itself rather than the pipes. It is best to have a professional diagnose this one.
    2. Low Water Pressure: When you turn on a faucet, you may quickly notice it does not have the force it once did. This can be caused by a number of factors. Visit our low water pressure page for more information.
    3. Faucet Leak Under Sink: Is your sink faucet leaking under your cabinets? Water damage can occur quickly. Be sure to turn off the water source if you find standing water in your cabinets. Fix It All Plumbing will repair any brand of faucet.
    4. Dripping Faucet: Does your faucet constantly drip no matter how hard you turn it to off? Our plumbers have worked on everything from a $30.00 faucet to a $1500.00 and some people will pay that much for one faucet.
    5. Kitchen Sprayer Starts Dribbling Rather than Spraying: After quite a bit of use, a kitchen sprayer may start to trickle rather than spray.

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Types/Brands of Faucets we repair

American Standard




Chicago Faucets



Delta Electronics






Kingston Brass



Newport Brass







Tile Redi


Ultra Faucets

WS Bath Collections


Water Works

and more….

Faucet Upgrades

Looking to improve your faucet? You can add a filter on to many models of kitchen faucets for cleaner water.