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Old Hickory TN Trail Sign Lock & Dam

Old Hickory Lock is on the Cumberland River 11 miles from Nashville, TN

Our plumbers are up for the challenge of serving the needs of the Old Hickory community. This town is located in East Davidson County and is home of the former DuPont plant, which had site plans dating back to 1918. Old Hickory resides in zip code 37138 and has the distinction of being named President Andrew Jackson’s nickname, similarly as Hermitage TN is named for Andrew Jackson’s home.

Why Old Hickory is a Great Place to Live

  • It is small compared to many areas of Nashville with a population of approximately 24,000 residents.
  • The commute from Old Hickory to downtown is short. (15 miles).
  • It offers access to the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake.
  • It is more affordable than other parts of Nashville, with the current median home price being approximately $90,000 less than that of neighboring Nashville.
  • It features a number of historic homes with character.

We service many homes and businesses in Old Hickory and have numerous regular customers. The older historic homes often need updated plumbing and the newer homes need maintenance, service, and eventually repair. Many homes still have cast iron pipes that require sectional or entire replacement.


 dam tn 1188 Cinder Road, Old Hickory, TN 37138

Old Hickory Dam 1188 Cinder Road, Old Hickory, TN 37138-3999

So what is the life of a plumber like? We want to share a typical day as commercial and residential plumbers in Old Hickory. Here’s how it may go. We start our day early, many times at 6 a.m. We try to schedule our jobs at least one day prior, but emergencies happen and sometimes we are actually pulled off one job for a little while to handle a situation in which a home is being damaged. We could start off fixing a fairly simple toilet repair and receive a call about a busted pipe that is leaking into a local restaurant and causing water damage quickly. At that point, we send a team member as quickly as possible and meet up with him to assist when we are done with job one. From there, we try and stay on schedule.
At the end of the day, we are all exhausted and dirty. We were honored to have the chance to ensure we have clean running water to each home or office we visited. The next morning we get up and start all over again.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

There is a reason why we always urge the residents and business owners in Old Hickory, Tennessee, to maintain the entire plumbing infrastructure and to invest in preventive maintenance.
By performing preventative maintenance, you can save money and can avert major plumbing repairs in many cases.
While challenges are an integral part of our day-to-day operations, they are also interesting given the diversity of plumbing services we offer to our local Old Hickory community.

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