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Backed Up Floor Drains & Sewer Line Problems

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clogged floor drain repair

We sometimes receive calls or text messages from customers who tell us their floor drain in their laundry room or garage is backed up. Sometimes tools, laundry, and other possessions have become wet. Other times they just want to get to the bottom of it to avoid the mess it is causing and wet feet each time they enter these spaces. The good news is that your home does talk to you when something is wrong. The earlier you catch it the better.  In many cases, our customers remove the metal floor drain cover with a screwdriver and examine the drain itself. Sometimes home owners are industrious enough to use a snake to try and unclog the drain. There may be something easy to remove from the floor drain or there may be a larger problem.

In most cases, I do need to take a look at this issue. It could be that your sewer line has an issue and water is not able to flow freely through the system. Your main sewer line may be clogged.

Why Do Sewer Lines Get Blocked

So what clogs your sewer pipes? Anything short of solid waste and regular toilet paper. To be on the safe side, those are the only things that should go down the toilet. Other things can get caught up fairly easily, especially if there is an imperfection in the pipe, such as when pipes get bellied or pushed down into the ground. Pipe corrosion can limit the flow of water. Tree roots that grow into the pipes themselves are one of the most common occurrences that limits the flow and increases the chance something will get stuck in the pipe and create a clog.

Items that Commonly Clogs Sewer Pipes

Some of the most common items that clog sewer lines are listed below. Think about it this way, if the item you are flushing cannot disintegrate in water, it is best not to flush it. Yes, you may be able to flush items other than toilet paper, but why take that chance and risk a clogged sewer line that requires yard digging to get to it.

Sanitary Pads and Tampons

Grease and Oil

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Disposable Diapers

Flushable Wipes

Baby Wipes

Paper Towels and Napkins

Cat Litter

Swiffer Pads



Plastic from Packaging


Dental Floss

Coffee Grinds

Cell Phones 😊

Guardians of The Galaxies figures

Coffee Filters


Yes, these items are commonly flushed and yes, sometimes they succeed in making it through the system. The risk is not worth it. Simply throw these items away in the trash rather than risking a costly repair.


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