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Nashville Plumbing Broken Sewer Line Repair 37211

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Sewerage pipes removal Nashville

This plumbing slab job performed in Nashville required five days to replace pipe and fully restore home. The Fix It All Plumbing team performed nearly all the work on this project after a quick and accurate diagnosis of the issue. It all started with a complaint of a rotten smell coming from underneath the house.

Diagnosing Rotten Sewer Drain Line

The homeowner called the plumbers Fix It All about a foul smell coming from their basement. The home was off Nolensville Road close to Southern Hills Hospital in Nashville 37211.

The plumbing team at Fix It All Plumbing ran a smoke test and quickly diagnosed the issue. Smoke had arisen through a crack in the concrete. The plumbers determined the cast iron drain pipe underneath was rotten. Next the plumbing team had to break open the concrete and run a new line to the main sewer line.

Repairing Rotten Cast Iron Sewer Drain Pipe

The plumbing portion of the job required 5 hours. The work to bust open the concrete to access the drain line, and then restore all the concrete required 5 days. The only work the Fix It All Plumbing team did not do was replace the carpet and repaint the area. Insurance covered 90% of the job. The only portions not covered were the plumbing diagnosis and installation of the new pipe.

Insurance paid for all expenses involved except the new pipe installation.

The plumbers at Fix It All Plumbing are committed to providing homeowners and businesses with premium plumbing services at fair rates. We are glad to help you with any plumbing questions or issues. Call or text us at 615-568-5051.

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