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6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Water Heating Bills

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Water heating bills can be expensive and cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a month in some cases. Hot water heating systems are the 2nd largest consumer of energy in a home, second only to heating and cooling units. The energy usage in your home depends on the size and efficiency of your unit. Making the most efficient use of water helps conserve on energy, reduce your electricity costs, and reduce your water bill. We have compiled a list of easy things you and your family can do to reduce hot water usage.

Showers Instead of Baths

There’s no denying that baths require way more hot water than a shower. Warm baths should be considered a luxury. Don’t opt for baths for your children or you on a daily basis. If possible, limit baths to 2-3 times per month. Full baths require 70 gallons of water on average versus about 15 gallons for a short shower or 30 gallons for a 10-minute shower. If you choose baths 3 times a month vs daily, you will save anywhere from $15 to $35 per month, when you take into consideration the cost of the water and the electricity required to heat it.

Of course, reducing the time your family spends in the shower will help reduce the cost and will help ensure hot water is available for washing clothes or dishes or to the next bather, unless of course you have a tankless hot water heater. Try this trick: Keep the bathroom door closed (especially in cold winter months) as this will help maintain the warm air. A fluffy robe can help you maintain warmth as well.

Identify any plumbing problems

Yes, there are situations when those huge water heating bills are caused by plumbing issues. There could be a valve or pipe blockage or a number of other issues. Even a single drip add up when it comes to a water bill. This is why you need to hire professional plumbers and handle these types of problem as fast as possible. Thankfully, catching a plumbing issue early can produce significant cost savings.

Reduce Hot Water Heater Temperature

Your hot water temperature can be adjusted down. Many people do this in the summer when the water tends to be warmer anyway. It may be difficult to know how low to set the hot water heater. Try reducing it a notch or two and see if you can tell any difference. Also, be sure to consider children who are in the household or visiting. Having a water temperature set too high can result in skin burns.  Be sure to read your hot water heater instructions to be sure you set it the right way. We have had customers who tried to lower their temperature and raised it instead.

Avoid Leaving the Hot Water Running

Instead of leaving the hot water run when you step away to soak a pan or fill a teapot can escalate your hot water use quickly. The best practice is to turn off hot water if you are not there to monitor it.

Adjust Dishwasher Settings

Consider adjusting your dishwater settings to increase efficiency. You can either change the setting to lower the temperature of of your dishwasher or have it run a shorter time. Of course some items may require high heat, particularly for sterilization purposes. Consider your settings before simply defaulting to high heat and lengthy cycles.

Add a Timer to your Water Heater on Alexa 

Timers have become popular in recent years. In fact, Alexa’s Amazon Echo or Google can likely control your water heater settings these days. When set, the timer turns off the electric water heater at your time selected time (when it’s not used). For instance, you can set the unit to not run during the night or times when you are away from home for long periods of time. One last opportunity to save is when you go out of town or on vacation. There is not a real need to keep your water hot when you are away from home for a long period of time.

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