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Clean Water Nashville: Drinking Water

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How to Assure Your Drinking Water is Clean & Healthy

How healthy is the water you drink in Nashville? Many people have become leery of the water that comes directly from the faucets in their kitchens and bathrooms, with good reason. Although municipal water supply usually meets federal guidelines, some perfectly legal water is found to have excessive lead, bacteria, arsenic and other chemicals that you may not wish to put into your bodies. Plus, water that runs through lead pipes often leaches lead from those pipes. While you may have PVC pipe in your house, do you know what kind of pipes run under your street?

Some people advocate drinking only bottled water. But it may surprise you to learn that bottled water is not nearly regulated as much as municipal water. So the water you get from the grocery stores may actually have more chemicals in it than water straight from your tap. And the harm you do to the environment in purchasing water that comes on trucks in plastic bottles makes bottled water a poor choice for everyday consumption. Plus, studies have shown that bottled water that gets hot (like if you store it in your garage or leave it in your car) leaches harmful chemicals from the plastic.

So what do you do? Below are some tips. You are also welcome to call us. (615)568-5051

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Use a water filter carafe

There are several kinds of water pitchers or containers where you pour tap water in and it goes through a carbon filter. Use of these filters eliminates almost all of the harmful chemicals. They are generally quite inexpensive and can provide all of the drinking water for your family. However, you do have to keep it filled and remember to change out the filter regularly.

Use a refrigerator equipped with filtered water

Many modern refrigerators come with filtered water built right in. You do not have to ever refill the container, although you do have to provide a water supply to the refrigerator. And you can go longer between filter changes than the carafe system.

Install a whole-house water filtration system

Many people enjoy using a “reverse-osmosis” water filtration system. This provides unlimited filtered water, and most providers of these systems will send you reminders of when to change the filters, and will even send you the filters when you need them, so you don’t have to hunt them down in home improvement stores. Installation can be tricky, as can replacing the filter, but we are always glad to help you out with this, so that you can be sure that your drinking water is tasty and completely safe for drinking.

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