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6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Water Heating Bills

Water heating bills can be expensive and cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a month in some cases. Hot water heating systems are the 2nd largest consumer of energy in a home, second only to heating and cooling units. The energy usage in your home depends on the size and efficiency of your unit. Making the […]

Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures in your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Program, states the conservation of water has become a must for all. One of the best ways to comply with this program and save water is to install low-flow plumbing fixtures like showerheads, faucets, and toilets. The program calls for conservative methods to reduce water usage, by encouraging the use of low-flow […]

Kid-Proofing Safety Tips for Toilet Time

Whenever there are young children in the home, child safety is a primary consideration. Plumbing involves water and water can be dangerous to a home and family. Today, there are many products you can use to make your child safer when it’s bathroom time. This article is dedicated to reminding you of some of the […]

When to Avoid DIY Sewer Line Installations and Repair

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Sewer line repair happens to be one of the more complex projects a plumber does. Do-It-Yourselfers can work on a number of plumbing issues in the house, so why not sewer repair? Why to Let a Plumber Repair Your Sewer Line There are numerous reasons to contract with a professional plumber when it comes to […]

Replacing Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

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If you have an older home built before the 1970’s, you likely have or had cast iron sewage pipes.  In the latter 1960’s PVC piping started to be used on homes. Cast iron sewer pipe usage ended mainly in the 1970’s, yet some homes up to the mid-1980’s have cast iron. How Long Does a […]

Best Toilets to Buy: Find the Best Commode for Your Abode

You may be remodeling the bathroom in your home. You might be constructing a public restroom in your business. Perhaps you are doing all the work yourself, or maybe you have contracted the job out to a professional. Whatever the scenario, each bathroom design project requires that you make an important decision: what type of […]

Reasons Your Toilet Leaks and How to Repair It

Have you started noticing the floor in the bathroom to be wetter than usual? Does it happen when you are not showering as well? If the answers to both those questions were yes, then you probably have a toilet leak in your bathroom. Do not panic, it is usually not as serious as it sounds […]

3 Warning Signs Your Sewer Line is Clogged or Leaking

Sewer line clogs or leaks can be difficult to detect. After all both your primary and secondary lines are buried deep underground. If either line breaks or gets backed up from a clog, the result can be costly and even pose a dangerous health risk to those who reside in the home. The good news […]

National Hug a Plumber Day

National Hug a Plumber Day: Date of Year and History It’s that time of year again! We are coming up on National Hug a Plumber Day on April, 25th.  If you are wondering what date it falls on each year it is the last Wednesday of the month. Are you wondering what National Plumber Day […]