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3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber in Nashville, TN

Just because you’re hiring a plumber in the midst of a plumbing crisis, doesn’t mean that you should overlook the important details. With so many local plumbers in the Middle Tennessee area, finding and selecting the best one for your home can be difficult. Three basic questions suggest whether a plumbing contractor has the qualifications to get the job done. Consider posing these questions before hiring a plumber in Nashville TN:

How extensive is the plumber’s experience?

Prior to scheduling the house call be sure to ask about the plumber’s credentials. During a plumbing disaster, a master plumber possesses the training and experience to solve any major leaks or flooding problems. In contrast, a plumber’s apprentice generally does not have the training or expertise for floods and major leaks. Not to mention, sewer back-ups and floods are not covered on most home insurance policies

Is the plumber licensed in Nashville TN?

Always hire a plumber licensed in Nashville or whatever town you reside in, regardless of the savings. Because some home insurance policies and certain plumbing fixture warranties (water storage tank) may reject reimbursement or parts replacements, always hire a licensed plumber, familiar with local plumbing codes in Nashville.

In the event the emergency repair does not work out, should I inquire whether any parts or service include a guarantee?

Depending on the plumbing repair, certain parts and services include a warranty, depending on the plumbing fixture. For instance, a water heater replacement would be covered under a warranty. Most plumbers in Nashville provide a one-year guarantee on the installation.

Licensed Plumbers

Check the web site to see if a plumber is licensed.

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