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5 Things Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Spaghetti Clogging Garbage Disposal Hermitage TN

In all my years as a plumber, I have seen quite a bit go down the garbage disposal.

I personally have found things like broken glass, paper clips, and small metal pieces. Other plumbers have found GI Joe figures and wedding rings.  There is a common joke among plumbers that goes like this….

”What sounds like a bottle cap in a disposal, and cost $100.00?    Answer: “A bottle cap”

Adding the wrong things down the disposal can definitely be costly.

Top 5 Things to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

  1. Potato & Carrot Peels (Really any peels can clog it).
  2. Pasta, especially spaghetti (Pasta expands when wet and will clog the disposal or fill up the disposal trap).
  3. Rice (Avoid putting rice down the disposal for the same reasons as the pasta).
  4. Grease (During cooling process, it solidifies and causes blockage).
  5. Fruit Pits (This one may be obvious). The disposal can’t chop these up and they will damage it. Examples include peach, avocado, plum pits, and even watermelon seeds.

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Blog by Kevin Sipes,
Master Plumber
Nashville, TN