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5 Ways You Can Prevent Flooding Before it Happens

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Hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes after things happen, we can look back at ways to prevent them. Here are 5 ways that you can help prevent flooding from occurring in your home before there is a threat.

5 Ways to Prevent Flooding Before it Happens

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1. Find out how water works its way around your house:

Does the slope of your house push water away or pull it towards the house? You can determine this by watching the water patterns during any average rainstorm; it does not have to be flood level rains to figure this out.

If the gradient pulls water towards your home, see what you can do to level it out and push it away. If there is flooding from public access that affects your property, call your local service department to determine what can be done and if they have any suggestions.

2. Keep you gutters clean:

One way that rain can enter and damage your home is through gutters and gutter systems that are done routinely checked and cleaned. Leaves and other debris in your gutter system can cause them to become full and can cause blockages when they are needed. These blockages do not allow water through, causing the water to settle wherever it can. Fox News suggests that you clean out your gutters twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring.

Read the entire Fox News article here:

3. Make your roof as efficient as possible:

When replacing and old roof or installing a new one, consider a rubber roof underlayment. This is a waterproof layer between the shingles and your bare roof. It can provide much needed extra protection in times of flooding.

4. Catalog all of your possessions:

In the event that your house has flood damage, it’s important to know what all has been damaged. Taking measure to catalog your possessions will make things easier for insurance purposes when it comes to reimbursement. Take pictures, videos and write down things of value in your house. When floods hit, it may become difficult to remember all of your possessions and their value on the spot.

3. Have a certified plumber do the work for you:

As tempting as it may be to try a DIY repair on your home’s pluming issues, it is much better in the long run to pay for a certified plumber to come do the repairs for you. This insures that plumbing will work properly and that in the event of a flood, your home’s plumbing will not add to the issue.

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