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Benefits of Leak Detection Devices: FloodStop Products

flood prevention system

Homeowners are always looking for ways to protect their home, which is often their biggest investment. Being proactive when it comes to potential water damage from leaks makes sense. With so many appliances in your home, the threat of flooding is always present. It is especially a risk when you are away from home at work during the day, on vacation, visiting family, or on a business trip. Many homeowners do not realize there are leak detection devices on the market that greatly reduce the risk of flooding, often alleviating the fear of leaving the house unattended.  Homeowners can prevent most instances of flooding by  investing in innovative Floodstop products that are specifically designed to do just that: stop flooding. A flood within your home can result in immense damage that can be incredibly costly, but this is not likely to happen if you have Floodstop products installed. This blog introduces you to Floodstop products and how they work in flood and leak prevention.


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Lowering the Risk of Appliance Related Flooding

One of the main culprits of water damage within the home involves your appliances. This includes everything from your washing machine to your dishwasher. It is possible for a pipe to leak and cause substantial water damage. By having a Floodstop product installed on the appliance, you can ensure that you are alerted the moment that a leak is present. Better yet, these devices turn off the water supply to the appliance if a leak is detected. This means that you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your appliances are constantly being monitored for any damage to the pipes. These devices are designed to be innovative and rely on state of the art technology to be accurate. All potential leak sites can be protected. This means that potential flooding is no match.

Leak Detection: Ice Makers- Dishwasher – Water Heaters

One of the most likely appliance to leak in your home is the dishwasher. Many homeowners leave this appliance running when they leave the house. A leak not only would potentially damage the sub flooring, but also the flooring in your kitchen, especially hardwood floors. The second most common leak source in the home is your hot water heater. Many water heaters reside in places a homeowner does not frequent, such as a bonus room closet or storage area. The water heater drip pan can often catch excess water or a small leak; yet this pan can overflow quickly and is almost never monitored by the homeowner. Floodstop protects your home from leaks related to these appliances with water sources and others.

Appliance Leaks Protected by Floodstop

Floodstop protects appliances with water sources such as the following:

  • Dishwasher
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Ice Makers
  • Sinks
  • Washing Machines
  • Entire House

The product detects the leak,  sounds an alert alarm, and cuts off the water source to the appliance or pipe to prevent damage. These devices are carried and installed by your plumber. In the Nashville area, call or text Fix It All Plumbing at 615-568-5051.