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Is Your Water Pressure Too High?

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Local Nashville area water utilities regulate the water pressure that comes to Middle Tennessee. Unfortunately, they have to have enough pressure in the lines to get water to the very last house on the line, or up to the tallest building in the area. Sometimes that means water pressure that is too high in your home.

Normal water pressure should be about 80 psi (pounds per square inch). This insures that your shower head puts out adequate water to rinse all that soap out of your hair, and that your sink or washing machine will fill in a reasonable amount of time. However, depending on usage at a given time, your psi could be 100 or more.

Why High Water Pressure is Problematic

So why would this be a problem? Surely having the tub fill quickly would be a plus, wouldn’t it? Sounds reasonable, but the truth is that high water pressure could lead to leaks around your faucet, or even pipe breakage. If you notice that more than once of your faucets has a drip you can’t control, or your toilet begins running even when no one has used it, you might have high water pressure.

How to Check Your Water Pressure Level

You can check the water pressure with an inexpensive gauge from a hardware store. The higher end gauges will test pressure over a period of time – like overnight – giving you an accurate picture about what is going on.

Your home may have a water pressure regulator to keep the pressure at the proper level. However, the average pressure regulator does not last forever. Most of them last about six years, so if you have been in your home longer than that, you are probably due for a change.

If you have any concerns about your water pressure, whether high or low, give us a call to check it out. We can make sure that you have the water that you need to keep your plumbing running effectively for years to come.

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