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Kid-Proofing Safety Tips for Toilet Time

Bathroom Plumbing Tips Kids

Whenever there are young children in the home, child safety is a primary consideration. Plumbing involves water and water can be dangerous to a home and family.

Today, there are many products you can use to make your child safer when it’s bathroom time.

This article is dedicated to reminding you of some of the dangers your children face in the bathroom and the measures you can take to ensure their safety. We also know how hard it is to get your kids to take a bath sometimes, so there will also be some fun ideas to make the bathroom a fun place for even the fussiest toddler.

Toilet Safety Tips Accessories

Hide the Toilet Paper and Lock the Cabinet Doors

I think every kid decides one day to take a roll of toilet paper and have a ball. Even teenagers think toilet paper is fun.

Toilet Paper

Obviously, you can’t hide all the toilet paper in your home.  I do recommend keeping an eye on it during potty time. Consider a paper holder or dispenser that only lets you roll a sheet or two at a time.

Secure Your Toilet Brush

Kids Toilet Brush

You should secure the toilet brush and obviously the cleaners out of plain sight. The last thing you want is your 3-year-old play fighting with the toilet brush, just like Thor swinging his hammer.

Toilet brushes are full of bacteria and need to be kept away. Consider purchasing cheap ones at the Dollar Store or Walmart and change them frequently.

Non-Slip Mats

Water can get everywhere after a bath with a toddler, making the bathroom potentially dangerous for your toddler and yourself.

Slip and fall in the bathroom and you could easily wind up in the hospital with a concussion or worse.

Bath mats also create an opportunity to add some color to your child’s bathroom. Get a bath mat for inside the tub and make sure the floor mats absorb moisture and don’t slide.

Toilet Shut Lock

Kids Toilet Clamp

Now don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not saying your child will take a dip in the toilet, but I am thinking about them putting their toys or your valuables in the toilet. Why risk it when you can lock it down?

This is also a great way to keep your pets out of the toilet.

Don’t go overboard with these. You can easily find one under $20 online or the next time you’re in Bed, Bath and Beyond.


These tips and products are the bare minimum you need to make your bathroom kid-safe. We aren’t recommending any brand because the market changes so much. Amazon is a great place to find exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure you read the reviews on each product and consult your local plumber or home improvement guru for tips on the best products for kids.

As always check out our blog and we’ll see you next month.

Your Friendly Neighborhood,

Fix It All Plumber, Kevin Sipes