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Replacing Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

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If you have an older home built before the 1970’s, you likely have or had cast iron sewage pipes.  In the latter 1960’s PVC piping started to be used on homes. Cast iron sewer pipe usage ended mainly in the 1970’s, yet some homes up to the mid-1980’s have cast iron.

How Long Does a Cast Iron Pipe Last

The average lifespan of a cast iron pipe is estimated at 50 years. In optimal conditions with proper installation, you can find a pipe lasting 75 years or even over 100 years. These pipes were known for their reliability and durability. Some known issues with the pipes include the variability in the quality of the manufacturing. Some pipes are made well and some have defects or weaknesses in their construction from the beginning. A second problem is they generally begin corroding over time from inside out which can result in sewage line blockages, leaks, and pipe ruptures. Damage from cast iron pipes can even interfere with the clean water supply, resulting in contamination.


Warning Signs of Cast Iron Pipe Issues

The only way to tell for sure that your cast iron pipes need attention is to look at them with a special camera or up close and personal.

Some signs you may notice include the following:

Sewer back-up

Standing water in tub or shower

Discoloration of water

Foul Smells resulting from sewer gases, such as hydrogen sulfide and methane

Leaks, particularly water around baseboards

Light brown colored rug, flooring, or carpet from water contact

Raised floor tiles in bathroom or other room

And even pest infestations (Yes pests are attracted to sewage)


The key to preventing loss is to catch the issue early. Otherwise the sewer pipes may completely rupture causing significant damage to your property. Have a plumber you trust inspect the pipes for issues. Sometimes a cast iron pipe may not need to be replaced right away.

If you live in the Nashville area, Fix It All Plumbing is glad to come out to your home or office, evaluate your pipes, and offer options for repair or replacement, if needed.

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