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When to Avoid DIY Sewer Line Installations and Repair

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Sewer line repair happens to be one of the more complex projects a plumber does. Do-It-Yourselfers can work on a number of plumbing issues in the house, so why not sewer repair?

Why to Let a Plumber Repair Your Sewer Line

There are numerous reasons to contract with a professional plumber when it comes to fixing, installing, or doing anything related to sewer lines.

While a sewer repair may seem like it makes sense to do yourself to save on the large expense associated with such repairs, there are a number of risks involved.  One critical risk is the health danger that may result from an error due to inexperience or not having the proper equipment. For example, sewer gases may be emitted, which are poisonous.

Plumbing Knowledge and Experience in Sewer Repairs

Having worked with sewers for 10 plus years, a master plumber has a significant edge over a handy DIYer. Experienced plumbers in most cases have had the opportunity to see lots and lots of different sewer issues and hopefully have learned how to diagnose and resolve the issue in the best most efficient way. Seeing an issue for the first time can present a daunting dilemma involving proper sewer problem diagnosis and a repair plan. A plumber always locates the underground utility lines when excavating to avoid a major mishap.

Plumbing Equipment & Tools Required Sewer Repairs

Aside from knowledge and experience come another important requirement: Equipment and Tools. Many DIYer simply don’t have the proper tools to get the job done. If a sewer pipe line bursts, you may need specialized plumbing tools such as a pulling machine, a pipe video camera, excavating equipment, an expander head, pipe sheers, cutters, and even a retaining device. These items are part of a plumber’s arsenal, yet may not be readily available in your tool box.

Causing Additional Damage to Your Sewer Line

The last thing you want to do is cause additional damage to your sewer system. Things can go wrong like gas leaks. More damage may also result which can enlarge a leak. For instance, you may initially be dealing with a soft spot in your front yard and all of the sudden sewer water is backing up into your house. At that point, you will likely call a plumber and pay much more than you would have to treat the original problem.

Sewer Work: When to Call the Plumber

There are some plumbing repairs and installations that are best left to a licensed and experienced plumbing professional. Sewer lines can be complex and quite messy.

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