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Reasons Your Toilet Leaks and How to Repair It

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Have you started noticing the floor in the bathroom to be wetter than usual? Does it happen when you are not showering as well? If the answers to both those questions were yes, then you probably have a toilet leak in your bathroom. Do not panic, it is usually not as serious as it sounds and it can be easily located and fixed.


One of the most common reasons for toilet leaks is condensed water on the surface of the toilet and the toilet tank, which then falls on the floor. This problem is caused mainly from the temperature difference from the water in the tank and the air in the bathroom. Hence, it happens usually when you are taking a shower due to the increased hot steam. Unfortunately, this is a problem that occurs anytime of the year and can cause you troubles with excessive water, which might lead to other issues in the bathroom. Therefore, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible thanks to the various methods that are available.

Fixing condensation

The best way to fix this type of issue is to use toilet tank liners, which are basically insolators between the water and the outside air. However, if you want more reliable approach, think about getting a toilet tank valve that is specifically design to mix hot and cold water so that no condensation appears.

The tank leaking itself

Tank leaks are quite common. There are various parts of the tank that could be leaking for one reason or another. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to locate exactly which part needs to be fixed. The smartest and most accurate thing to do is to simply poor food coloring in the water tank and leave it stay like that for 10-20 minutes. If the leak is coming from the tank or one of the pipes around it, you should be able to easily spot it with the different color.

Fixing tank leaks

The most straight forward approach would be to change the whole tank. Yet, if the problem is in one of the pipes, it will be considerably cheaper for you to fix this issue rather than buying a whole new set up. Thus, take a closer look at the pipe system or ask for advice a professional.

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