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Should I repair my dripping faucets?

Water Leak Nashville 37205

You may ask yourself as you hear “drip, drip,drip” all day and night…

Water Leak Nashville 37205

A dripping faucet increases your water and sewer bills.

Is it worth the time and money to fix a slow dripping faucet?

When your faucet is dripping you are paying a water and sewer expense. As a plumber, I can’t really advise you what you or should not do about a drip; I can simply state the facts.

Faucet Repair Cost

In most cases it will not cost much to repair the faucet. Some of your more high-end faucets will cost more, (of course) because the parts come with a higher price tag. Your home’s water pressure can cause a faucet to drip also, even with brand new parts.

Do Drips Improve Over Time?

Any leak on a faucet will only get worse, and will not repair it’s self. It is also very wasteful to just let water go down a drain. I have seen where people will catch the water with a pan, to use it for cooking or just watering plants. A simple faucet repair should only run anywhere from one to two hundred dollars. This is not an actual quote but would be average among local plumbers.

Are Older Faucets Harder to Repair?

One of the things I love about old faucets is they only requires seat and washers. New faucets…. not so simple.

Repairing Washerless Faucets

Newer faucets often require more involved repair. The new washerless faucet will require new stems most of the time. The critical thing about any faucet repair is knowing the brand name of the faucet. One size fits all does not apply to your faucet ever. The part has to be made for that faucet, washers, and even the handles have sizes. A good plumber will know most just by looking at the faucet, yet many of your newer faucets have very similar styles, making the brands harder to recognize.

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Blog by Kevin Sipes,
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