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Top 3 Shady Practices Plumbers Use

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When the plumbing in your home doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, anything beyond the use of a plunger should be done by a qualified professional plumber. Before you call, be sure and arm yourself with the right information. You want to be sure you are protected and that your selected plumber does not take advantage of you.

Here are the top three shady practices that could turn your plumber interaction into a nightmare:

1. Plumber doing business without being licensed or insured

There are two skilled trades that always require licensure and insurance and those are plumbers and electricians. Why is that? Because their missteps could cost you and your family vast amounts of money, or even worse. Although a plumber that does not have a license or insurance may have a cheaper price for his/her visit, what comes after could cost you much more. Damage to your plumbing could result in catastrophic damage to your home. In some cases, plumbing damage has caused a home to be condemned. Saving a few dollars in the short term is certainly not worth the loss of your greatest asset, your home.

2. Estimating a job sight unseen

Knowing how much a job will cost is not something that can properly be done over the phone. It is simply not possible. The most a plumber can do is give you his hourly rate and perhaps a ball park of the price of a small predictable task like installing a shower head. But even then, small jobs often involve much more than they initially seem.

The right procedure is for a technician to come to your home and talk with you about your needs and expectations. Then the technician will inspect the work area and determine what needs to be done. Once an estimate has been determined, the plumber should put it into writing, explaining all the work and all the parts and equipment that will be needed.

3. Asking for cash payment, without a proper receipt, once the job has been completed

If your plumber wants you to pay in cash and wants to forgo the receipt, locating a new plumber should be on your to-do list. This means he is trying to hide income and cheat on his taxes. It may not seem like a big deal but if he is cheating the government, chances are his morals leave something to be desired. He is likely to be dishonest in other areas as well. Also, you want to be sure there is a proper paper trail to protect yourself and your home.

Most plumbers are decent and honorable but it is important to protect yourself against the ones that are not. You, your family and your home deserve the best and selecting the right craftsman to care your home is an important part of that.

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Blog by Kevin Sipes,
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