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When it comes to Plumbers, “You get what you pay for.”

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This story is not a happy one but I feel that it should be told.

Rental Home with Leaking Bath Faucet

A customer called with a leaky bathtub faucet in a rental property that she owned and managed. The
problem was so severe the water supply to the entire house had to be turned off. To save money,
the customer had used an unlicensed contractor that does cheap work for apartment complexes. The
person had “fixed the faucet”” and had provided a temporary fix that quickly failed. She could not reach
this person, who had taken the money and run, so to speak. They would not answer the phone or return

Replacing the entire Faucet versus a Hard to Find Faucet Part

The faucet was out dated and the proper part to repair it was not available and would have to be
ordered online. Sometimes it is really best to simply replace the whole faucet. In this case, the best
choice was to replace the faucet. I understand money can get tight but at the same time, paying a low
price for a quick fix often turns out to be a waste of money.

Common Faucet Issues & Repairs

Plumbers Should be Licensed & Insured

Had she called a licensed and insured plumber, he would have correctly let the plumber diagnose the
problem. He then would have explained the proper way to make the repair. In the long run, this would
have saved her money. Simply put, if you have a heart problem, visiting a general practitioner would be
a waste of time and money. You would want to see a heart specialist.

Here at Fix It All-Plumbing we are plumbing specialists. We will not repair your drywall or pull wires for
a new electrical switch. But we will help you get it done by recommending a good company that would
specialize in that kind of repair work. We only do pipe. We will stand behind our work. We answer the
phone. If we’re not available, we will return your call by the next day

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Blog by Kevin Sipes,
Master Plumber
Nashville, TN