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6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Water Heating Bills

Water heating bills can be expensive and cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a month in some cases. Hot water heating systems are the 2nd largest consumer of energy in a home, second only to heating and cooling units. The energy usage in your home depends on the size and efficiency of your unit. Making the […]

Extending Water Heater Life Expectancy

America’s Longest Lasting Water Heater Our plumbers have worked on many a water heater over the years. We have seen heaters¬†last 8 years, 10 years or even 15 years sometimes. In early 2017 we ran across a water heater that was born in 1987. It was at a yacht at a marina in Nashville TN. […]

Why Purchase a Hot Water Circulating Pump?

Fix It All-Plumbing (Nashville TN) Why would you need a circulating pump? If you ever stand at the shower waiting on hot water to get to the shower a circulating pump could be right for you. On a new build a plumber will run a third water line from the water heater to the last […]