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Gurgling Pipes

When you flush your toilet, does water back up into your shower or sink? How about those gurgling noises in the pipes? These are signs that you might have a clog in your main plumbing line,

All of us have one main line that comes into the house with fresh water, Then we have another one that takes our used water to the sewer. A clog in your supply line means you will have low water pressure. A clog in the sewer line causes backups in all of your sinks and toilets.

If your shower and bathroom sink are backed up, but your toilet flushes just fine, the clog will be in one of the smaller lines that branch off from the main line. Before you call us, check out all of your drains to see if you can locate the part that is clogged.

The number one cause of sewer line drains is tree roots – particularly in older houses. Sometimes we will have to dig up the sewer line and saw off the tree root, or replace the sewer line around the major roots. Not taking care of this right away can lead to some major damage to your house and your landscaping.

If you suspect you have a major clog, give us a call. We will dispatch one of our expert technicians to diagnose your problem and get your drains running free again.