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Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures in your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Program, states the conservation of water has become a must for all. One of the best ways to comply with this program and save water is to install low-flow plumbing fixtures like showerheads, faucets, and toilets. The program calls for conservative methods to reduce water usage, by encouraging the use of low-flow […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes: How to Keep your Home’s Pipes from Freezing

On a blistering cold winter Sunday, a family of four in Nashville went to Titan’s football game. When they arrived home six hours later, they were horrified to find that their house was filled with water, completely destroying all of their flooring, most of their furniture, and everything lying on the floor,including their Christmas presents! […]

Fixing Slow Drains

Do you have slow drains? Does your toilet flush good in the morning but slow in the evening? Or just your bathroom sink does not drain very fast. Solutions to drain problems often vary; a bathroom sink or tub is normally an easy fix. Some old tubs will have to be re-piped. You will have to remove […]