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The Water Pressure in Your Home

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If you are not happy with your water pressure, would a new shower head help?

Would a new shower head improve the water pressure? Certainly, there are many models of new shower heads available for purchase at your local home improvement store that would change the pressure in your shower for the better. The shower head does get clogged with hard water and putting in a new head will release the flow of water, giving you a stronger shower.


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What is psi and what number should it be in my home?


PSI stands for pounds per square inch and water pressure is directly dependent upon the weight of water.  Basically, the greater the weight of the water, the faster the water will flow.  The water in your home should be at least 50 psi. to a maximum of 80 psi.

Every plumbing fixture in your house is manufactured for maximum of 80 psi.


What happens if the pressure is too high?


Pressure that is too high it could cause your faucet to drip, make your pipes rattle, or even break a water pipe.  Some areas around Nashville and Mt. Juliet have very high water pressure, as high as 125 to 155 psi. While it is the homeowners’ responsibility to regulate each individual home’s water pressure, the city has to provide water pressure strong enough to provide adequate pressure to service that last house up on top of the hill that has a bathroom on the third floor.


Extreme high water pressure could cause the T and P (temperature and Pressure valve) on the water heater to leak or open.


Is my water pressure always going to be the same?


If your house’s water pressure is 50 psi. at 6:00 p.m., hours later,  at 2:00 a.m. it could be as high as 80 psi. If no one in town is using water the city pressure will go up.


What can I do?


This problem could be taken care of with a simple valve (P.R.V.) installed on your water line. This will regulate your house water pressure all the time. If you have a P.R.V. and it is six years old or more you should check the pressure. The P.R.V.  will not last forever and should be checked every year after six years.


If you are concerned about the water pressure in your home, give us a call.  We can answer your questions and we would be happy to help you out with that or any other plumbing problems you might have.


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