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Why Purchase a Hot Water Circulating Pump?


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Why would you need a circulating pump? If you ever stand at the shower waiting on hot water to get to the shower a circulating pump could be right for you. On a new build a plumber will run a third water line from the water heater to the last plumbing fixture in the house. We put a circulating pump at the water heater and this will move hot water all the time so when you turn on a faucet the hot water is right their. This is considered to be “green” you will use a little more electricity but you can put a timer at the pump so it will only run at time it is needed.

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Retro-Fitting a Circulating Pump

On a house that has been build the plumbers at Fix It All-Plumbers can retro fit a circulating pump using the two water lines in your house. We will use the cold water line to circulate the hot water. This will cause you to get hot water out of the cold for a quick second when the cold is turned on. As soon as the cold is turned on it will cause a valve to close so the hot will not flow through the cold line. A timer can be added to this pump also so it run only at times that it is needed.

Pump Installation for Tankless Water Heaters

On a tankless water heater the pump has to be installed in a little different manner. On a tankless water heater, if the water is moving through the heater, it will fire up. So, a small tanked water heater should be installed behind the tankless for the pump. The tankless will feed the tank and this will prevent you from ever running out of hot water.

So if you are tired of standing at the shower or wondering if the hot water is getting to your dishwasher give us a call at Fix It All-Plumbing to get a circulating pump put in your house.


Blog by Kevin Sipes,
Master Plumber
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