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5 Ways You Can Prevent Flooding Before it Happens

Hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes after things happen, we can look back at ways to prevent them. Here are 5 ways that you can help prevent flooding from occurring in your home before there is a threat. 5 Ways to Prevent Flooding Before it Happens 1. Find out how water works its way around your house: […]

Dealing With Clogged Drains

Preventing Clogged Drains | Clogged Drain Repair Nashville Have your drains been slow lately or maybe even clogged completely? It’s a common problem all homeowners deal with at one time or another, and a very common issue we handle. Clogged drains can create severe water damage to a home’s structure and are a potential health […]

Extending Water Heater Life Expectancy

America’s Longest Lasting Water Heater Our plumbers have worked on many a water heater over the years. We have seen heaters last 8 years, 10 years or even 15 years sometimes. In early 2017 we ran across a water heater that was born in 1987. It was at a yacht at a marina in Nashville TN. […]

Top 6 Things Cause Plumbing Damage

We are getting ready for all the celebrations that winter brings, and we hope you are too. The 2017 new year is upon us. As our gift to you, we would like to give you the Top Six Ways you will cause damage to your plumbing system. 6 Most Likely Things to Cause Plumbing Damage Frozen […]

7 Do It Yourself DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Fall is finally here in Middle Tennessee, and the yards are full of leaves. Most homeowners take care of them by running a lawnmower over them to mulch the yard, or by raking and bagging them for collection by the city. (An even better use is to start your own compost pile – but I […]

Maintaining Fire Sprinkler Systems

When most of us think about fire safety, plumbing doesn’t come to mind. Fires cause some of the most devastating damage to homes and family belongings. It is worth taking the time to prevent them. After all, nearly all things related to plumbing involve water, which puts out fire, at least in my mind. Below […]

Is Your Water Pressure Too High?

Local Nashville area water utilities regulate the water pressure that comes to Middle Tennessee. Unfortunately, they have to have enough pressure in the lines to get water to the very last house on the line, or up to the tallest building in the area. Sometimes that means water pressure that is too high in your […]

Benefits of Hard Water vs Soft Water

You may have heard your grandmother or grandfather tell you to rinse your hair in rainwater to get it really soft. Why? How does this work? It’s because rainwater is actually very soft water, while water that comes through our pipes or wells in some cases, is usually quite hard. So what does that mean? […]

Benefits of Leak Detection Devices: FloodStop Products

Homeowners are always looking for ways to protect their home, which is often their biggest investment. Being proactive when it comes to potential water damage from leaks makes sense. With so many appliances in your home, the threat of flooding is always present. It is especially a risk when you are away from home at work […]